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Residential Roofing Repair

Slate is a natural metamorphic rock with qualities that have ensured its use as a roofing material, across the globe, for hundreds of years.  With our extensive knowledge of the different types of slate available and the quarries from which it is sourced, Remont-G is able to offer a wide range of choice including Spanish slate, Westmoreland slate and man-made fibre cement slate.



Roof Replacement

Tiles are a reliable way of weatherproofing buildings and are available in a variety of colours, shades and finishes.  At Remont-G, our skilled staff are on hand to offer assistance and advice when it comes to selecting the most suitable tile to match your needs.

Felt Roofs

Flat roof

Mineral felt is a versatile bitumen based sealant used to waterproof both flat and pitched roofs.  It also offers a more cost-effective alternative to lead flashings and can be applied to areas that other roofing methods are unable to cover. Roofing felt is available in a range of colours and qualities.



GRP waterproofing system

waterproofing-systemThe Cure It system is a proven solution to almost any flat roofing problem.  Cure It is a heard wearing structural waterproofing system that comes with a 20-year manufacturer’s guarantee. The Cure It system can be used on any size of roof, regardless of complexity, and is available in a range of colours with a choice of finishes.

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