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Camden bathroom

Part of what entices a potential homeowner to a residential estate is the architectural design, which determines the overall look and feel of each property. With this generous-sized home, the inspiration comes in the form of a traditional English farmhouse. Think pitched roofs with metal roof sheeting and big verandahs that hug the perimeter of the building. Outdoor areas often became extended living areas, so conducive to our climate. But so as not to go back in time, protocol requires each house in the estate to have a modern flavour, with clean lines, a neutral palette and the inclusion of natural materials. This approach is evident in the main living areas, where the relationship between the kitchen, dining and living spaces blurs into one seamless expanse.

With rows of neatly exposed roof trusses, the sheer roof volume adds another dimension, drawing your gaze upwards, and outwards towards the 180-degree view. The kitchen, neat with blank door fronts, adds sophistication, against a backdrop of soft grey walls and a tobacco-tinted floor screed. The more rustic elements, such as the timber dining table, help to balance the contemporary features, to produce a home that feels lived in, rather than permanently on show. A sloped site offered the opportunity to position a home theatre and office on the lower ground floor. These private areas are joined, on the same level, by a guest suite, which doubles up as another living area, especially when the family is enjoying the pool. This is a carefully planned home, with appealing social spaces that are great for entertaining, but private as well. It’s a home for the family, just as the original English farmhouse was all those years ago.