Refurbishment services in London

Moving to a smaller space doesn’t mean having to compromise on your lifestyle or comfort

Building refurbishment London

Experts within the field of Refurbishment, Remont-G offers a wide range of services including roofing, flooring, tiling, loft conversion, bathroom fitting, underfloor heating systems, kitchen fitting, thermal insulation, plastering, painting and decorating (internal and external), electrical work, fencing.  All size project work was undertaken.

Fireplace Expert Tips

Fireplaces need to be serviced annually.  Gas fire services should include a gas line check. Wood-burning stoves and hearths require chimneys to be swept as well as the flues, rope seals, lining and glass being checked. Refubrished living room and fireplace Always use dry, dense wood, but ensure it’s not too dry as this will burn fast, losing too much heat up the chimney. Keep wood in a dry area with good air circulation. A decorative basket or shelf close to the fireplace always works well, but if you don’t have space indoors, keep it under a carport or roof overhang. Invest in a fire screen for open wood fires, wood combustion stoves and gas fires. Even if covered with glass, they can heat up to extreme temperatures and ignite flammable materials. Take special care if you have children in the house.