Underfloor heating system

underfloor heatersUnderfloor heating systems are now seen as a more effective method in keeping properties warm. Benefits include: Cost effective – energy savings range fro 15% - 30%. Space saving – no need for radiators. Hygiene – prevention of the build- up of dust behind heating units. Underfloor heating can be seen as a real luxury in the renovation of bathrooms in particular. However, it can also become a significant selling point when looking to put a property on the housing market.  Tile flooring although popular, can be a cold alternative without the installation of underfloor heating and is should certainly be taken into consideration when undertaking any form of renovation work.  A bathroom heater can work as a more economical alternative.  Combined with the need for a good source of lighting and air circulation, an excellent recommendation would be to install a bathroom heater/light/extractor unit, otherwise known as a 3-in-1 combo unit.